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Knowing "how to" is always a journey
Educating the fundamentals of survival, safety and self-reliance. Networking like-minded individuals in preparing others with knowledge and skills​.
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Welcome to our site
This is a journey towards enlightenment and discipline of skills and knowledge. It is for everyone to experience and learn to better themselves and those around us.

May your journey with us be the best.
​Over the past few years, I have fit in a simple yet urgent discipleship in survival knowledge. My goal was to increase my skill and knowledge base for self-reliance whenever the need would arise. I always had the basic survival knowledge the Marine Corps trained me, but that never felt like it was enough. In the past; all I had to rely upon was me. Now it has become relevant that my responsibility not only consisted of myself, but family and friends. It is my hope to pass what I have learned down to everyone that is willing to listen and learn.

I can say that my expertise and level of survival has been drilled into my head as a Marine. I was trained in survival to included; Jungle, desert, urban, mountain, cold weather and deep sea survival / warfare. I was taught to endure the harshest environments and function at combat readiness. I took everything they could throw at me and absorbed it like a sponge. Was all that detailed training enough? Some would say… “Sure”.  Well, for me and me alone that would be correct, but now survival included more than just me. I had to up my game, up my knowledge base and learn to be the teacher as well the student.
In my search for more, I have pushed my skills and knowledge in self-reliance and will continue to learn. In return, it is my intent with this journey to help teach you how to be self-reliant and survive. Whether that means that you got lost in the woods and need to survive until help arrives or the world takes a dump and catastrophic events force you and/or loved ones to be displaced from the comforts of everything known.

Michael Wheeler, Owner
Journey Survival Tactics

Journey Survival Tactics